Photo of the day 3/30/11 – “Lucky Shot”

‘Lucky Shot’
I’ve put on a lot of miles this year snowshoeing…most times with the goal of hunting deer. I wanted to get a nice, close shot of a deer in the snow with a nice background…you know, wallpaper material. But after going out many times without any luck, I started going without my camera.

Today I decided to take the camera again, but I only took the middle zoom because if nothing else, I could still photo something along the trail. Being overdressed with the sun going down, I soon wished I had left the camera in the car. It’s big, and gets in the way when snowshoeing.

With about 1.5 miles in, I was just daydreaming and trudging along when I saw a little deer. Then I saw three more. I watched them run up the hill only to have the last one give me the pose I had been looking for all season. But when I reviewed the photos I took of the other ten or so deer that I shot shortly afterward, this one jumped out. Yes, pun intended.

Check back tomorrow for the shot I had been waiting for.

My new secret spot, Wisconsin
March 30, 2011

Photo info:
1/400, f/2.8, ISO200, 200mm, cropped about 50%
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