Prague – Day .5

We arrived at the airport in Prague about 1340, about 20 minutes later than we should have.  Not sure what the deal was, but so much for German precision as Lufthansa didn’t seem to be in any hurry getting us out of Frankfurt.  More on that later.

Oddly unlike other European towns, Prague doesn’t have rail running between it and the city, so we took the airport express bus.  60 czk (about $3) each and about 40 minutes later, we were at the bus drop-off outside the main railstation.

It took us a few minutes to figure out where to go next.  There was just an elevator sticking above the ground so we took it and found much of the train station to be underground.  We gave the address of our hotel to a gal working the information booth, but I figured out about a hundred yards later that she did not point to the right direction.  We turned around, walked across the street, and good thing the name of our hotel had the address in it or we would have walked right by it.  Things are different here…no big flashy signs to identify things.  We just noticed the address.


I’m a bit behind on this since I had to overcome some hurdles getting logged in to the site from over here.  My website host has taken some security measures to protect his service, but I think we are through those now so hopefully more and better updates to come.


Here’s the 23rd photo I took in Prague…not too shabby.

Encore for, and from, Ray Price

It was just last week that I was recalling to someone my memory of my Ray Price experience from a number of years ago. I looked up to see if Mr. Price was still alive, and was glad to see he was. I read today that the world lost him yesterday.

In 2003, I was a stagehand and lighting designer/operator working at an area casino. I knew that he was old, but that was about it. I didn’t really have any expectations of the two shows he was set to do, but it wasn’t long in to the first show that I knew I was experiencing something special.

Today I don’t recall a lot about the shows. What has stuck with me though is that he was 77 years old and still touring. If that weren’t enough, when I look back at all the performers who came through there, he outperformed a fair share of them, including some of the big name ones who were half his age.

I understand that even after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, he still wanted to do a hundred shows this year. I think that is amazing.

So here’s an encore for, and from, Mr. Price, recorded live from one of those shows in 2003.

For The Good Times by Ray Price

Leaving Manhattan

Kelli and I took a cruise to New England this autumn. The ride out of Manhattan was neat, but not nearly so as the ride back in on day 7 at sunrise. I didn’t get that on time-lapse but here is out ride out.  Enjoy!

670 photos – 1 photo every 5 seconds – 55 minutes elapsed

World Trade Center @ 47 seconds
Statue of Liberty @ 1 minute
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge @ 1:32

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Save the sequoias

The news about the fires in Yosemite National Park has me concerned.  If you never been there, you might not understand why.  Isn’t it just a bunch of rock and trees?  I guess that’s true.

It took me to age 36 to get to a National Park.  Yosemite was my first.  I wish I had gone there sooner, as it changed who I am.

If you’ve never been there and seen the giant sequoias, you might not understand.  Unfortunately photos can’t begin to relay the enormity and grandeur of these monster trees.  At 200-300 feet tall, and hundreds to thousands of years old, it really puts one in their place in time and space.

Wait, stop, think…yes…thousands of years old.  These have survived much of history as we believe we know it.

We learned when we were there that fire actually helps the trees survive.  Fire causes the cones to open, spreading seeds for new trees to grow.  They say the fires won’t hurt the trees, but one can’t help to worry for them.  If you haven’t seen these, please add them to your bucket list.  I suspect they will change you too.

Photos below from September 11-13, 2007. (Click to enlarge photos/open slideshow.)


It’s little wonder how fires can start in California when it looks like this.  This was taken a ways west of Yosemite Valley.

The entrance to Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias.

With the rental car for perspective.

Some sequoia cones.

These trees look like they’ve survived a fire or two.

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