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Photo of the day 2/24/2012 – “Untitled”

After giving out some tips to someone today about what to see and do in Alaska, I wanted to revisit what was the highlight of my trip…A two and a half hour flight-seeing trip that included landing on a glacier in the Sheldon Amphitheater at the hiking basecamp.

There is so much to tell about this photo. It’s probably worth at least a couple thousand words. I’ll have to save those for another time.

In the photo:
The 50+ year-old plane we flew in.
Huge glacier (name unknown)
Mount McKinley

Above Denali National Park & Preserve
June 7, 2010

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Photo of the day 2/23/2012 – “Untitled”

I have tens of thousands of photos that have been virtually piling up from years of travels. Kelli wanted to take some of them and hang them on her wall. Here’s one she picked out.

I have to admit I wasn’t too thrilled with it at first because the original just looked flat and unlifelike. But if you’ve been to this area of Yellowstone, you know it doesn’t even look lifelike when you are standing there.

So I took my novice photo processing skills and gave it a whirl. I think it’s OK for my level of processing ability. No, I didn’t add the rainbow; it appears for about 15 minutes a day if the sun is out.

Lower Yellowstone Falls, Yellowstone National Park
May 31, 2009

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Photo of the day 5/28/11 – “Let The Journey Begin”

“Let The Journey Begin”

On this day last year, Kelli and I set out on what may just have been the vacation of a lifetime.

I haven’t done much with the 4000+ photos I took since I didn’t have any real software to do much with them.  (I still don’t have the skill, but am working on that.)  So for the next 16 days, I’m going to force myself to work through some of those photos, and share some of the travel tricks that we used to be able to afford such a trip.

King Street Station
from Alaska Vacation Day 1
May 27, 2010

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Photo of the day 5/17/11 – “Attention”


My photo of the day effort has several purposes.  I’m forcing myself to take photos, go through my photos, and get to know the different features and capabilities of photo editing tools.  And from time to time, educate about or call attention to certain things.  So here is one photo that might have otherwise went overlooked.  It isn’t great, but the jpg it came from was worse.  So today I got to play with different features, see what I can do with a jpg, and call attention to something.  Mission accomplished.

In honor of Armed Services Week

Air Force Academy, near Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 5, 2005

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