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So many icons

I have to think it was planned this way.  Things like this don’t happen by accident. The amazing foresight in some of the monuments in our Nation’s Capitol is stunning, if one finds them.

I’ve noticed a few, and I no doubt walked by many others with notice.  I found this gem at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Since I haven’t found any other photos like it, I have to think it is somewhat of a secret.  That’s understandable as you can only see it in one spot and move your head half an inch one way or the other and you’ll miss it.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Washington, DC
March 24, 2013

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Photo of the day 5/17/11 – “Attention”


My photo of the day effort has several purposes.  I’m forcing myself to take photos, go through my photos, and get to know the different features and capabilities of photo editing tools.  And from time to time, educate about or call attention to certain things.  So here is one photo that might have otherwise went overlooked.  It isn’t great, but the jpg it came from was worse.  So today I got to play with different features, see what I can do with a jpg, and call attention to something.  Mission accomplished.

In honor of Armed Services Week

Air Force Academy, near Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 5, 2005

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Photo of the day 5/2/11 – “I Think He Underestimated the Cavalry”

“I Think He Underestimated the Cavalry”

I underestimated how savable this photo was.  It was way overexposed and harsh looking out of the camera.  But I’m glad I took Steve’s advice and didn’t delete it.  At least my underestimation wasn’t fatal.


Flag Day Parade, Appleton, Wisconsin
June 9, 2007

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