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Who’s Hunting Who?

I’ve been wanting to shoot a hawk for some time now, and so when I found this guy (or gal) sitting up in the oak tree in Kelli’s back yard just watching Kelli’s neighbor shovel snow, I went for it.  I didn’t take long for him to spy my bright orange jacket though and he flew off before I was ready.  (Note to self: get camera ready in the house.)  I followed him around the neighborhood for a few minutes as he (or she) flew from tree to tree.

Unfortunately I had the 1.4 teleconverter on which doesn’t focus very fast.  But I was surprised to see any really turned out since I was manually focusing in the below zero temperature.  Most taken at about 560mm and are heavily cropped.

January 18, 2012

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My First Time-Lapse

I got to try out my new, nifty, camera timer for the first time a few weeks ago while out hunting.  Among other things, it allows me to program how many pictures to take and how often to take them, in order to be able to make them in to a time-lapse video.

I really didn’t plan this out; I only came up with the idea of shooting this location about 30 minutes before I did it.  I didn’t have a lot of time to pick the best angle or check the sensor for dirt as I needed to get out in the woods for the last 90 minutes of hunting.

In the first few seconds, you’ll see me walking out to my hunting stand.  About 25 seconds in to it, you can see deer run across the field, and if you watch close in the last few seconds, you can see the blur of me and another hunter walking out.  We’re blurred because of the long shutter speeds needed to expose a photo at dusk.

This is 704 photos taken over 2 hours and 5 minutes.  Camera: Canon 30D

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Photo of the day 5/2/11 – “I Think He Underestimated the Cavalry”

“I Think He Underestimated the Cavalry”

I underestimated how savable this photo was.  It was way overexposed and harsh looking out of the camera.  But I’m glad I took Steve’s advice and didn’t delete it.  At least my underestimation wasn’t fatal.


Flag Day Parade, Appleton, Wisconsin
June 9, 2007

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