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Photo of the day 1/6/2012 – “Untitled”


Today I dug up a photo of a couple years ago that I probably overlooked before because the tree in the foreground was way too dark.  So I learned a little about dodging today to lighten it up.  I also adjusted the colors a bit (probably too much) to bring it to life.

Lower Lily Pad Lake
Frisco, Colorado
September 20, 2008


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Photo of the day 5/17/11 – “Attention”


My photo of the day effort has several purposes.  I’m forcing myself to take photos, go through my photos, and get to know the different features and capabilities of photo editing tools.  And from time to time, educate about or call attention to certain things.  So here is one photo that might have otherwise went overlooked.  It isn’t great, but the jpg it came from was worse.  So today I got to play with different features, see what I can do with a jpg, and call attention to something.  Mission accomplished.

In honor of Armed Services Week

Air Force Academy, near Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 5, 2005

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