Vancouver & Whistler

We loved Vancouver so much from our visit last year that we wanted to get there early to spend more time there. At the top of our list was to bike around Stanley Park again, but with the forecast for rain we had to make other plans. So we rented a car and headed up to Whistler.

Cloudy, foggy and grey, we didn’t know how the day would be. Even with the clouds and grey, the drive along Strait of Georgia is beautiful (no pics…I was driving). But the clouds and fog made the scenery at Lost Lake in Whistler dramatic, and perhaps better than without.

Kelli wanted to see the sites from the Olympics but the ceremony area was already gone and the Olympic store was closed. We checked out the shops and ate at the bottom of the hill watching the bikers get filthy riding down the courses built on the ski hill on the first day of biking season.

On the way back to Vancouver, we turn off on a side road to check out another Olympic site, but it too, is closed. But, near the site we saw two black bears and a black-tail deer up close, all within about a quarter mile.

In between rain drops, we stop at two Provincial Parks, taking in the huge waterfalls. We also stop at another Olympic site, Cypress Mountain, but didn’t ride the tram up because it cost over $40 and was in the clouds.

We finish off the day by heading to the Olympic Village in downtown Vancouver. It was fenced off last year when we saw it being built, and it was fenced off again this year. Apparently the condos aren’t selling very well. We stop at the nearby Amato Gelato Cafe that we didn’t have time for last year.

We drop off the rental car and walk through beautiful downtown Vancouver through the rain back to the hotel.


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