Cruise Day 1 – At Sea

If I’m going to lose your interest during this trip, this is going to be the day.

Today is our first day of scenic cruising, although for us, it wasn’t all too scenic. It rained, misted or was foggy most of the day, and some of it was in open water to the ocean with little to see. It was also sort of cool out, maybe in the 50’s so we didn’t spend much time on deck.

I decided to leave the camera in the cabin most of the day, and just relax around the ship. So we hit up a photography talk and walked out because it was more about gear than photography. We went to the shopping show to try to win a necklace like our friend had on her cruise; no luck. I hit up the exercise room facing overlooking the inside passage to try to keep of the weight for our special event in Juneau in two days. (I’d exercise more if I had a such a view every day!) And we spent a few hours fighting off a little bit of sea sickness and catching up on rest knowing we have three full days ahead of us in port in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway.

We chose anytime dining, which gave us the flexibility to have dinner anytime. Just walk up and they will seat you with other people that walk up about the same time. For those that haven’t cruised before, this is very unlike the scheduled seatings where you eat at the same time every night with the same people. The flexibility was nice and then we got to meet new people every night and not worry about getting stuck with someone with nothing in common for the week.

Tonight was the first of two formal nights. We dressed up and had out photos taken by ship photographers with about six different backgrounds. Kelli grabbed her first drink from the bar and around came the champagne glasses part of the Captain’s Dinner. Kelli wanted to pour the champagne on the champagne glass tower and she and I kicked it off for the night, getting our photo taken and winding up on the daily video highlights (that we did not purchase).

We headed to dinner and I got steak (again). Off to a show in the theater and then to check out the other entertainment. The entertainment is actually good quality, ranging from a crooner lounge, to piano bar, to nightclub, but between the boat being clearly not full, and the average passenger age (I joke, but am probably not far off from) being 68 years old, there is not much night life.

Tomorrow is our first day in port in Alaska, in Ketchikan.

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